Industry and policy

The Swiss textiles and clothing industry focuses on the manufacture of high-quality products in both the clothing and household textiles segments as well as in the broad field of technical textiles. It complements these products by providing top quality services.

In the course of the past few decades, the world of clothing and textiles has evolved into a globally integrated workplace. Research and development activities are carried out at one location, management and financing at another, and manufacturing at several. Today, alongside numerous small businesses with less than ten employees, there are still around 200 companies producing in Switzerland, including spinning mills, rope makers, weavers, embroiderers, finishers, ribbon makers and clothing manufacturers. All these companies are able to hold their own against international competitors because they are flexible and customer-oriented, produce sustainably and are well integrated into the international value chain. They focus on high-quality niche products that have wide appeal and are highly impressive in terms of material, functionality and design.