The world of textiles is extremely diverse. Switzerland’s textiles and clothing industry develops and produces high-quality textile materials for an extremely broad range of applications, and markets them throughout the world.


Embroidery and outstanding haute couture specialities from St Gallen continue to make a major contribution today towards the positive image that the Swiss textiles industry enjoys all over the world. They meet extremely high demands in terms of quality and exclusivity, and are represented on the catwalks of leading fashion designers in Milan, Paris, London and New York, as well as in Los Angeles and Tokyo. In the field of sports clothing and work wear, it is not only design but, above all, a high level of functionality that is required. Materials that intelligently regulate widely ranging temperatures, for mountaineers or fire-fighters, for example, and materials that protect, heal or offer a high degree of comfort, which is of particular importance when it comes to undergarments.

Household textiles

Leading Swiss textile manufacturers have succeeded in turning curtains, bed and table linen, textiles for use in the kitchen and bathroom, upholstery fabrics, carpets, etc., into household items of international renown. Here, too, quality is a major criterion, along with aesthetics and innovations that repeatedly set their products apart from those of their competitors.

Technical textiles

In the area of technical textiles, a pioneering spirit combined with technological know-how has repeatedly given rise to the creation of new products and their successful marketing throughout the world. The main focus of these high-tech solutions is on the areas of healthcare, transport, vehicle and aircraft construction, building and architecture, and safety.


The textiles industry already made Switzerland a major exporting nation in Europe in the eighteenth century, and more than three-quarters of Swiss production is still exported today.