Energy and environment: Climate policy

The atmosphere and climate do not recognise national borders. Swiss Textiles is therefore advocating an air pollution control and climate policy that is based on internationally applicable principles and is globally enforced. 


The air is a vital commodity for human beings, flora and fauna. Protecting and maintaining its quality is therefore of enormous importance. Clean air is also essential in the textiles and clothing industry. By maintaining the quality of air in the workplace and filtering (at great expense) the exhaust air that is emitted into the environment, companies in our industry are making a valuable contribution towards air pollution control.  


In the textile production chain, in addition to manufacturing in Switzerland both the acquisition of raw materials and semi-finished products, and the associated goods transport, play a role with respect to greenhouse gas emissions. Within Switzerland there is a need to strengthen the networks of local companies and Swiss producers. At the international level, Swiss Textiles keeps a close eye on ongoing efforts to promote a sustainable procurement chain. But we are committed to ensuring that the requirements that apply to Swiss producers will be the same as those in the EU.