Energy and environment

Swiss Textiles is campaigning in favour of economically viable, comprehensible and effective energy, environment and consumer protection policies. Here, sustainable legislation that protects human beings and the environment and is compatible with the needs of small and medium-sized companies is of particular importance.

The production of textiles encompasses a variety of resource-intensive processes. In view of this, textile companies have been sensitised to energy and environment policy for decades, and constantly optimise their production processes in order to conserve water, electricity and chemicals. Here the focus is on effective voluntary measures, to which textile companies have a very open approach. The aim is to reduce the degree of bureaucracy in the implementation of energy and environment policy, without incurring losses in terms of protection of human beings and the environment. We therefore foster the development of collective solutions in order to make the high degree of complexity of present-day environmental legislation more transparent for small and medium-sized companies. We notify these companies about amendments to legislation and represent the interests of the industry at the political level.

Contact person

Nina Bachmann

Head of Technology and Environment
T +41 44 289 79 02