Foreign trade: Customs duty and rules of origin

Pressure on prices is very high in the textiles and clothing industry. If prices are increased through customs duty and anti-dumping levies, this has a negative influence on products on the global market. Customs duty and other levies are still very high in our industry. With the aid of free trade agreements, however, the involved partners are able to benefit from mutual reductions of, or full exemption from, customs duty if they comply with the corresponding preferential rules of origin. Unfortunately, the latter are no longer in line with the present-day structure of the industry. The changed textile value chain calls for liberal, modern, flexible and uncomplicated rules that duly take the international division of labour and progress in the areas of innovation and technology into account. Swiss Textiles is therefore advocating the revision of the existing preferential rules of origin, especially in the European zone, i.e. including the EU and the West Balkan and Mediterranean states. A rules of origin system that is based on value added and tariff alternation would be in line with the current developments and remain applicable in the future.