Foreign trade

The value chain in the Swiss textiles and clothing industry is greatly fragmented and globally orientated. Thus our members have to rely on worldwide and non-discriminatory market access.

We are campaigning for the elimination of tariff-based trade barriers and non-tariff obstacles such as differing product regulations. With respect to the formulation of free trade agreements we are calling for modern and uncomplicated rules of origin. This also applies with regard to the adaptation of existing treaties such as the free trade agreement between Switzerland and the EU. These agreements lead to lower costs and less administration. We are also campaigning for the elimination of import duty in Switzerland, as well as for the amalgamation of the bilateral free trade agreements with the EU, EFTA, North African and West Balkan states. Intensifying relations between Switzerland and the EU is just as important as the development of new economic ties outside the European continent. Alongside bilateral relations, we also regard relations with the World Trade Organisation as clearly advantageous. Here, successful negotiations could solve the problem of having many separate, unaligned free trade agreements.

Contact person

Jasmin Schmid
Head of Economy and Statistic
T +41 44 289 79 01