Intellectual property

Constant innovation is a prerequisite for sustainable economic growth. Globalised competition on the technology and innovation fronts is giving rise to new challenges for Switzerland. A policy aimed at promoting innovation calls for a high degree of protection of intellectual property.

In the course of the past few decades, the textiles and clothing industry in Switzerland has focused on innovation and evolved into a high-tech sector. This means that patents, which are both the reward and the incentive for research and development in all areas of technology, are of the utmost importance for our industry. By granting it an exclusive right for a limited period of time, a company is given the opportunity to reinvest the expenditure required for the new product during the period of validity of the patent. 


For the clothing industry in particular, trademark protection is of considerable importance, since it gives the company as holder the sole right to use the brand as it wishes. As a distinguishing feature of a product, the trademark protects the capital that has been invested in its development and marketing.


Primarily in the embroidery sector, where new designs are constantly being created, design rights are of great importance in that they protect the external appearance of products or parts thereof against copying and imitation. Design is a decisive factor when it comes to the appearance and marketing of products because it appeals to our senses and creates identification with the designer. 


Since favourable conditions for innovation are crucial for our industry, Swiss Textiles strongly advocates adequate protection of intellectual property. This includes in particular the new provisions of the applicable legislation – revision of the Swiss Law on the Protection of Trademarks and Indications of Source (Trademark Protection Act) and the total revision of the Federal Law on the Protection of Coats of Arms and other Public Insignia.

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