Intellectual property: Swissness

The economic value of Swiss products is considerable. In an increasingly globalised world, they enjoy an excellent reputation both at home and abroad. Swiss products are associated with exclusivity, tradition and quality. This sound reputation inspires confidence and thus influences consumers’ purchase decisions. And for producers it represents a clear competitive advantage, since they can position products and services associated with Switzerland in a higher price segment.  


The enforcement of the relevant Swiss legislation will strengthen the protection of the designation of origin, “Swiss”, as well as of the use of the Swiss cross, both at home and abroad. The Trademark Protection Act will also contain more precise provisions that will clearly define the conditions under which a given product may be designated as “Swiss”. Companies that meet these requirements will be able to use the designation “Swiss” freely, as they can today. If the new regulations are complied with, it will also be possible to use the Swiss cross on goods – not only for services as is presently the case. However, the Swiss coat of arms is to remain reserved for official use only. For our members, the designation “Swiss Made” is of great importance. We are committed to ensuring the economically viable, uncomplicated and practical implementation of the new legislation.