Mission statement

The Swiss Textiles mission statement sets out the Federation’s tasks and strategic goals and explains how its activities are implemented.

Role concept

  • We represent the companies of the Swiss textile and garments industry which develop, manufacture and distribute high quality products and services all over the world with outstanding innovation, functionality, quality and respect for the environment.
  • We see ourselves as a service provider for our member companies. We engage in active and open internal communication.

  • We are committed to the following basic principles of a free and liberal State and economic order: market economy, competition, free trade, social partnership and sustainability.

  • We maintain a balance between revenue and expenditure. Any surpluses are used for the benefit of our industry.

Our core tasks


  • We support our members with a range of services which meets their needs in the area of employer, social and economic policy.
  • We provide support on strategic, conceptual and operational issues.

Research, development, innovation

  • We give new momentum to knowledge and technology transfer at both national and international level.

  • We support and empower our member companies on the pathway to high fashion and high tech innovations fit for the market.

  • We join them up in strong and active networks.

Basic and further training

  • To safeguard Switzerland’s long-term position as a place of innovation and production we ensure the availability of qualified young people and set a high standard of basic and further training designed to meet the latest needs.


  • We support our members in PR and communication and convey a modern and forward-looking image of the textile and garments industry.


  • We undertake targeted and personal lobbying with a view to optimizing the background conditions for our industry.


  • We help our members to enhance their positioning and profile in the sustainable use of resources.