Swiss Textiles offers its members a variety of attractive services, and lobbies political decision-makers for better background conditions.

Employer and social policy

  • Advice on legal issues, particularly in the fields of labour law, intellectual property rights and protection of registered designs
  • Support in dealings with authorities and public agencies
  • Framework agreement for companies operating in the textiles and clothing industry
  • Provision of templates for labour law documents: employment contracts, work regulations, model regulations, etc.
  • Information about amendments to legislation and rulings in the field of labour law
  • In the interests of our members, we develop collective solutions for daily sickness benefit, transport and credit insurance, as well as for creditworthiness checks and financing
  • Statistics relating to employer and social policy

Education and training of young professionals

  • We act as patrons of basic vocational training for textile technologists (federal diploma) and textile practitioners (federal certificate of competence) and are responsible for the textiles segment of commercial “services and administration” courses
  • Compilation of publicity and information material relating to basic vocational training
  • Information about training and further education courses in the field of textiles
  • Development of strategies and concepts for professional education
  • Regulations governing basic vocational training
  • Regulations governing various vocational and higher level examinations
  • Organisation of basic training in the textiles sector
  • Provision of support to education institutions on training issues
  • Financial commitment to education institutions and for further education courses in the field of textiles

Energy and environment

  • Influencing legislative activities and representing companies’ interests in the areas of energy, environment and consumer protection
  • Developing collective solutions, e.g. relating to CO2 levy, electricity consumption, eco-labels

Innovation and technology

  • Monitoring of the market: national and international trends, news, research and development priorities in the textiles and associated sectors
  • Development and management of a network of attractive innovation partners in the field of textiles as a platform for useful partnerships and a driving force behind new ideas and projects
  • Support for, and coordination of, research projects
  • Exchanges of experience at specialised events, including seminars, innovation forums, workshops, etc.
  • Enhancement of the image and innovation potential of the industry
  • Promotion of acceptance in the political arena, at universities, colleges of technology and research institutions
  • Securing access to research funding over the long term

Communication und PR

  • Organisation of an annual media conference and provision of information to the media in the form of press releases
  • Targeted actions to promote the image of Switzerland’s textiles and clothing industry
  • Development and management of a clear brand architecture with Swiss Textiles, swiss+cotton and Swiss Organic Fabrics
  • Lobbying among political decision-makers, leading influential groups, authorities and banks
  • Periodical publications such as the annual report of the textiles and clothing industry, information brochures, newsletters
  • Support for member companies with the formulation of press releases, mediation of press contacts and organisation of events 

Economy and statistics

  • Advice on import and export issues: rules of origin, customs duty, domestic and international import regulations (worldwide), labelling requirements, etc.
  • Representing the interests of Switzerland’s textiles and clothing industry towards the Federal Administration, the Swiss National Bank, the political sphere, embassies and chambers of commerce, as well as trade and industry associations at home and abroad
  • Monitoring the most important foreign markets and providing corresponding information to our members
  • Compilation of economic statistics

General services

  • We promote exchanges of findings and experiences, and network our members with one another, as well as beyond the bounds of the industry
  • We participate in international umbrella organisations and promote exchanges with our most important trade partners
  • We support the liaison offices of the European textile associations RETA (in Russia) and CETA (in China)

Contact persons

Dr. Liliane Sieber

Head of Employer and Social Policy,
Intellectual property
T +41 44 289 79 35

Michael Berger

Head of Education and Career Advancement 
T +41 44 289 79 11

Nina Bachmann

Head of Technology and Environment
T +41 44 289 79 02

Mirjam Matti Gähwiler

Head of Communication and Public Relations
T +41 44 289 79 42

M +41 76 527 46 08

Jasmin Schmid
Head of Economy and Statistic
T +41 44 289 79 01