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Swiss Textiles operates the secretariat of GINETEX Switzerland, the Swiss Association for Textile Labelling, which focuses on the care and labelling of fibre content.


It informs consumers, as well as manufacturers, producers and sales personnel about the proper care of textiles and the raw materials that are used in textiles. 


The main objective of GINETEX Switzerland is to heighten the awareness of companies in the textiles and clothing industry, and along the entire textiles chain, about the importance of understandable and accurate labelling of the content and care of textiles, and how to implement it. By clearly labelling textiles, it is possible to achieve qualitative value added from which both customers and companies can benefit.


Swiss legislation does not prescribe a labelling requirement for textiles, but in order to ensure and enforce the correct application of labels, the various care symbols are protected by trademark law in most countries at both the national and the international level. This means that a licence agreement with GINETEX is required for their use.


GINETEX (which is short for Groupement International d’Equitage pour l’Entretien de Textiles, or the International Association for Textile Labelling) is the owner of the trademark at the international level. At the national level, registration is the responsibility of the corresponding organisation in each individual country (e.g. GINETEX Switzerland).


At both the national and international level, GINETEX Switzerland works together with those bodies that have an interest in labelling, and is campaigning for the global harmonisation of textile labelling. The aim here is to standardise information for customers about the care of textile products and simplify the use of this information by producers.

Contact person

Christine Forster

GINETEX Switzerland
T +41 44 289 79 49

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