Working Groups

The Federation’s working groups exchange experience, and launch activities at regular meetings. Each working group appoints representatives who sit on the respective commissions and so shape the strategy of Swiss Textiles.

Working Group Clothing (AKB)

Beerli Alfred J., AG, Chairman

Working Group Yarns, Twines and Ribbons (AKGZB)

Pieri Danilo, Swisslastic AG St. Gallen, Chairman

Working Group Rope & Lifting Technology (AKSH)

Berger Oswald, Seilerei Berger GmbH, Chairman

Working Group Embroidery/Fabrics-Exports (AKSGE)

Wildhaber Silvan, Filtex AG, Chairman

Stiftung des Schulungsfonds der Vereinigung Schweiz. Stickerei-Exporteure
Meyer Thomas, Bischoff Textil AG, Chairman

Stiftung Exportförderungsfonds der schweizerischen Feingewebe-Industrie
Wildhaber Silvan, Filtex AG, Chairman

Working Group Fabrics & Carpets (AKST)

Peyer Conrad, Weseta Textil AG, Chairman

Working Group Textile Finishing (AKV)

Montinaro Vincenzo A., AG Cilander, Chairman