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We want our members to be able to successfully carry out research, develop and manufacture their products, and to import and export products and materials as far as possible duty-free. This calls for secure background conditions and business-friendly social, foreign economic and environment policies. 

In the course of the past few decades, the world of clothing and textiles has evolved into a globally integrated workplace. Research and development activities are carried out at one location, management and financing at another, and manufacturing at several. Today, alongside a large number of small businesses with less than ten employees, there are still around 200 companies producing in Switzerland. This results in the existence of a broad variety of textile products. The members of Swiss Textiles include spinning mills, rope makers, weavers, embroiderers, finishers, ribbon makers and clothing manufacturers. All these companies are able to hold their own against international competitors because they are flexible and customer-oriented, focus on the manufacture of high-quality niche products in terms of material, functionality and design, produce sustainably and are well integrated into the global value chain.


We actively participate in the political process in order to ensure that our members are able to continue to operate under favourable conditions. These include a flexible labour market, business-friendly energy and environment policies, non-discriminatory access to the European internal market and free trade agreements with our most important trade partners outside the EU.

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