Kontext View

Kontext View is addressed to designers who primarily work in a seasonal cycle. It is held twice a year. Its main focus is on design-specific topics relating to trend forecasting.

At this event, trends in textile development (including dyes, structures, “feel” and material) are presented along with new developments in the fields of applied research and technology. Colour forecasting brings visibility to new trends. The status quo is the starting point. From there, thematic proposals are formulated, which designers can integrate into their own visions. Kontext trend proposals form the basis for discourse for the coming season.

Kontext View understands the trend forecast as work in progress, not as a complete description of an imaginary future. The status quo is at the center, from which proposals are developed, which can connect designers with their own vision.

Next event

25 June 2019
Kino RiffRaff, Zurich

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Bilder Credits: Christian Hersche, Melvin Zöller