The Board of Directors determines the strategy and budget of Swiss Textiles and ensures their implementation. It decides on the admission of new members and represents Swiss Textiles in external institutions. The board members chair the committees.

Vorstand Swisstextiles 115

from left to right:. Andreas Tischhauser, Urs Isler, Dr. Michela Puddu, Silvan Wildhaber, Carl Illi, Dr. Urs Rickenbacher, Urs Schellenberg.

Chairman of Swiss Textiles

Carl Illi, CWC Textil AG

Board Members

Urs Isler, C. Beerli AG
Urs Schellenberg, E. Schellenberg Textildruck AG
Silvan Wildhaber, Filtex AG
Dr. Michela Puddu, Haelixa AG
Urs Dr. Rickenbacher, Lantal Textiles AG (Vice-President)
Andreas Tischhauser, TISCA Tischhauser AG

Honorary Presidents

Urs Baumann , Lantal Textiles AG
Max R. Hungerbühler, Bischoff Textil AG
Thomas Isler, Gessner Holding AG
Andreas Sallmann, ISA Sallmann AG

The board members are elected by the general assembly at the general assembly.